• Avoid Water Damages

    Our bottles leave our bottling plant in perfect condition. However, micro cracks may occur during their handling and transportation which can result in the water draining onto the floor.

    Before placing your bottle on your water cooler, place it horizontally on the ground and push on the center of the bottle with your knee. If you notice water leak, please return the bottle back to your merchant or contact your distributor to exchange it.

    Vérifiez si la bouteille fuit.

    Keep the bottles in good condition

    Our 18.9L and 11.3L returnable containers are cleaned and sterilized before each filling. It is important to know that they are only intended for containing water. Using a returnable container to store other substances may damage the resin and hamper the bottling process, which in turn, increases costs. Furthermore, if you use the returnable containers for different purposes, your distributor or merchant may refuse to take them back.


    Returnable containers, healthy for the planet

    The 18.9L bottle will be used close to 50 times in its useful life span. Returnable, sterilized and then filled again, it will never end up in a landfill site as it will finally be recycled.