• What kind of water can I get with Amaro ?

    We offer « natural spring water », which is controlled and comes from a protected environment. Our water is pure in its natural state; it has never been polluted or treated. We also offer demineralized water which is in fact the Amaro natural spring water whose minerals have been removed almost entirely by a filtration process involving ion exchange resins.

    Where can I get Amaro’s water bottles ?

    Contact us to find a distributors or showrooms near you.

    How can I avoid water damage with my 18.9 L water bottle?

    During the transportation of the bottle, it is possible that a micro crack has affected your bottle, causing it to leak on the floor. Before installing your bottle in your water cooler, lay the bottle horizontally and lean your knee in the middle of the bottle. If you see a water leak, return this bottle to your local showroom or distributor.

    Does Amaro deliver? Is the service flexible?

    Yes, Amaro offers residential and corporate delivery service. Our distributors have smaller trucks adapted to residential areas and are open to more flexible conditions. Contact us to learn more about our residential and commercial delivery service!

    What are Amaro’s customer service opening hours?

    Our customer service is open from 8:00 to 16:00 (Monday to Thursday) and from 8:00 to 13:00 (on Friday).

    How much does an Amaro water cooler cost?

    The prices of our water coolers range from $235 to $700. Each and every one of our cooler has its own particularities and is manufactured in Quebec.

    My water cooler is broken. Can Amaro help me?

    Amaro offers repair and cleaning services for your water cooler. Learn more about our repair services at a showroom near you.

    Can I get an Amaro water delivery route?

    To learn more about delivery routes, please call our office at 1-800-665-1015.

    Is BPA dangerous for my health?

    According to Health Canada and the Food and Drug Administration in USA, BPA is safe in food containers. If you don’t heat up the bottles, there is no risk for human health. Your concerns are legitimate and you can get all of Health Canada’s information here.

    Currently, there is no better product for reusable bottles.

    What is the quantity of minerals contained in Amaro’s water?

    In laboratories, the method used to get the amount of dissolved mineral salts is obtained by heating the sample at 180°C and weighing the residue of the mineral salts. As mentioned on the label, Amaro’s level of minerals are 106 ppm (106 mg/l ), which is really low comparing to some waters where the level goes up to 500 ppm.

    What is the pH value of Amaro’s water?

    The pH value of Amaro’s spring water varies between 7.2 à 7.8.